Imp Face

The Imp Trail

Hi, it’s just Lindsay this time.  I did a solo hike the other day on the Imp Trail.  I thought I’d never get to hike this loop trail since I’ve been suggesting it to Andrew for over a year now.  He always had one excuse or another, so since it was all up to me where I wanted to hike, I went for The Imp.  I got up early and was out the door by 9 am since the temperatures were supposed to be high later in the afternoon. 

The Brook at the beginning of the Imp Trail looks like a perfect and easy-to-get-to spot for a swim.

The Imp Trail starts and ends on Rt 16 in Gorham, NH, very close to the White Mountain National Forest Dolly Copp Picnic Area.  The start and end (which ever way you do it) are 0.3 miles apart and very easy to walk back to your car if you want to do the loop.  I chose to go up the north trail which is shorter and steeper.  I was the only car when I pulled off onto the shoulder parking area, but 3 teenagers got dropped off just as I started up the trail.  The 3 teens quickly passed me since they were on some super duper fitness workout and were jogging (!) up the trail.

A log ladder replaces a heavily eroded section of trail.

It’s only about 2 miles to the Imp Face and I kept up a good pace, stopping once to take a swig of my water and wolf down a Honey Stinger waffle (my new favorite energy snack).  When I reached the Face, the 3 teens were heading back down the same trail.  From the Imp Face there would ordinarily be a fantastic view of the presidentials, but the low clouds prevented it.  The view down into the valley below the Imp was rather impressive though.  I could hear the water rushing downstream and could see where I thought the trail swept along the rim of the valley.

Clouds obscure the full view of the Presidentials.

The Imp Valley

I continued hiking, crossing several water sources flowing down into the valley.  The woods were peaceful and I stopped at the North Carter Trail junction for lunch.  After lunch, I began to see more people heading up, they had parked at the south parking lot.  The trail was longer but less steep in this direction and made for a gentle descent back down to Rt 16.  I walked the short distance on the road back to my car which was now surrounded by 5 other cars.  This is a great loop hike that brings you to some wonderful views, water crossings, and majestic woodlands.

I stopped for lunch as the North Carter Trail junction.

A lovely section of trail.

A garter snake slithers back into the woods.

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