Heart Hike

On the weekend before last,  we ventured to Charlotte Vermont to Mount Philo State Park.  Lindsay’s friends Jamie, Matt, and Rylan were hosting the 2nd Heart Hike fundraiser for Boston Children’s Hospital.  You can learn more about miracle baby Rylan here: https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/rylansheart.

We arrived on a sunny morning and met the group in the parking lot before heading up the trail.  With so many people hiking to the top together we didn’t have our usual slow and meandering pace, although we were happy to let most of the group pass us as they bee-lined to the summit.

We took the House Rock Trail, named for a huge boulder next to the trail. It is impressive and a great place to wait out a rain storm.  The trail is heavily used, since it is just minutes from Burlington, many Vermonters venture here for the exercise and impressive view.  You can also drive to the summit and the hiking trail crosses this road 1/2 way up the trail.  There is also a small campground here with 10 sites.

At the top we were greeted by heartbeat cookies and a magnificent view of Lake Champlain, New York’s Adirondack Mountains, and the green valley below.  We ate our lunch and spied a dark rain cloud heading our way.

Mount Philo has an interesting history and is Vermont’s first state park, established in 1924.  The CCC helped build up this park as evidenced by the road and buildings.

After a quick stop at the restrooms and a group photo we headed back down the trail.  About 1/2 half way down the rain started.  We started to explore the Devil’s Chair Trail with its’ overhanging cliffs and boulders, but the steady rain started to make everything slippery so we stuck to the House Rock Trail.

It was a mad dash to the car when we reached the bottom in a downpour, but everyone still had smiles on their faces.  What a great way to celebrate how precious life is by taking a hike!

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