Snowshoe in the Rain

Last weekend we headed out to Beaver Brook Ski Area (picnic area) which is also a trailhead here in Bethlehem, New Hampshire. This winter ski and snowshoe wayside is one of the few winter-specific outdoor recreation areas in the White Mountain National Forest. It is easily found off Route 3.

The weather has been on a warming trend and the temperatures were just above freezing with a gentle, occasional rain on the day we adventured. There were 7 cars in the lot, but Andrew remembered that part of the trail is a winter cut-off for peak-baggers heading toward Garfield and Galehead Mountains.

We felt a little bad about snowshoeing on the ski track, but the trail was rough with boot, snowshoe, and ski tracks. Our three tracks actually smoothed out the trail, improving conditions for any skiers.

After crossing a small stream we turned right toward the Beaver Loop and stayed straight at the next Loop junction. The trail travels through a conifer forest and then opens up to a vast hardwood forest. Without leaves on the trees, the woods are open and bright. You can even hear the occasional car on Route 3 and snowmobile trail nearby.

We passed the time playing “I spy” until we traveled about .5 mile. We stopped for a lunch break and then turned around. You can continue on for a nice loop, but little legs were getting tired and we didn’t bring the backpack carrier (I thought we already learned this lesson!).

On our way back we played “PJ Masks” on a mission to keep Alden occupied and moving forward. A woman and her dog came hiking along and then a couple on skis passed us from behind. We were back in no time. It may be rainy but there’s still plenty of outdoor fun to be had!

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