Biking into Franconia Notch

Last weekend we dusted off our bicycles and took them out for our first Spring bike ride on a section of the paved bike path through Franconia Notch. We parked at the Skoocumchuck Trailhead parking off Route 3. This is also where the bike path begins at it’s northernmost point (or ends depending on your direction). There was just one other truck in the lot when we got there, a couple who were also biking the path. Other cars came in and out but they seemed like they just needed a short break from driving, since this is the first pullover after getting off of 93 N, just north of Franconia Notch.

This portion of the trail heads south and slightly up hill, but actually a perfect grade for young kids still on training wheels. It was a cooler day with rain sprinkles, but we came prepared and the rain didn’t stop us.

You can hear the highway from the bike path, but eventually you don’t really notice it. Andrew wondered if this part of the path was “old Route 3” which was in use before construction of the parkway through the notch. There were many impressive streams flowing underneath us and eventually good views of Mount Lafeyette above.

We stopped at a picnic table for a snack and then continued south passing out of the White Mountain National Forest and into Franconia Notch State Park. A large bridge has nice views west and east. This bridge can also be accessed from a parking circle that displays a statue of Governor Hugh Gallen.

After the bridge, the trail continues south, but first jogs west to cross under the highway. The trail is steep and not quite safe for bike riders still mastering breaking so we walked a little bit. The bike path meanders up and down through some hills and eventually leads to Echo Lake and beyond. We blogged about our bike trip from Lafeyette Campground here.

See you on the trail!

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