Skiing with Friends

This past weekend we met friends in New London, NH who happen to live within walking distance of Pine Hill Ski Club trails. It was a day after a snowstorm and we hoped that the club had gone out grooming.

Five out of the six in our group had brought our own skis and we walked the short distance to the entrance. They have skis and boots that you can borrow – lots of different sizes too. I put some money in the box for a donation, grabbed a map, and we headed out onto the trails.

We did a nice loop of heading out on the Sutton Trail, looped around on Cascade, and then returned on the Sutton. It was fun and challenging with some hills and probably about 1 mile too long for the 6 year old, but he still had fun! Andrew piggy-backed him for most of the second leg. We earned our dinner at The Flying Goose afterwards!

Moose cutouts with funky names entertained us at the junctions.

What a great place to get outside and enjoy the winter air. We can’t wait to go back!