Secret River Pools

Last weekend, after a few days of heat, we decided to go exploring in the White Mountain National Forest on local forest roads in search of a secret pool to wade in. We don’t want to give away our favorite spots, but we will give you some advice: look for cars lining the roads. That’s how we found this spot a couple of years ago.

While the undeveloped camping spots along this road within the national forest were all taken, no one was playing in this hidden river pool.

The water was very cold, but equally refreshing and stunningly clear.

We carefully made our way upstream admiring the gorge walls and rock slabs viewing geology that is typically hidden. We explored an outwash area and found where the river changes course in some years. We flipped a few rocks hoping to find some stream salamanders, but with no luck.

A few white admiral butterflies flitted down stream and after an hour or so we made our way back to the car. Next time the heat rises, we will be back!

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