Come for a Hike with Us!

The Paul Doherty Forest is Gorham's Town Forest and can be accessed at the end of Jimtown Road.

We got a respectable 5 inches of snow Friday night!  Andrew snowblowed the driveway and then insisted on plowing his work driveway while Lindsay did chores and prepped for her Monday class.  In the meantime another 2 inches of snow fell.  After a snack, we both wanted to get outside for a short walk in the snow-filled neighborhood forest.  And we wanted to take you along!  So grab your virtual skis or snowshoes and enjoy the view. 

4 thoughts on “Come for a Hike with Us!

  1. In the first video, Andrew X-skied between 2 trees – I would have skied into one of the tree wells! I am with Lindsay – love my snowshoes!!

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