He Hikes!

Hello fellow readers! So sorry it has been a long time since we’ve written a post, but we’ve been very busy. We have spent the good part of the spring and summer searching for a new place to call home and we moved in the beginning of September. The past month has been filled with packing and unpacking, getting Alden used to his new school, and exploring the 10 acres that we can now call our own. Last weekend we did get out for a short walk at Bretzfelder Park in Bethlehem, NH. It is owned and managed by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests and we were pleasantly surprised at how great it turned out to be for a quick morning walk in the woods.

Andrew and Alden

Alden and Andrew are ready for a hike in the woods!

wildlife pond

It took a little convincing to keep Alden out of the pond, but we found a trail next to the picnic table to divert his attention.

We parked at the small parking area for the wildlife pond, but there is also more parking just up the road near a building and pavilion. Alden is all about walking on his own and we left the backpack carrier in the car. The pond looks manmade and a sign said it is open for ice skating in the winter. We took the trail around the edge of the pond and into the woods, across a stream, and up the switchbacked trail.

Alden hiking

Alden navigates the trail like a pro.

AA hike

Almost to the top of the switchback trail.

This trail leads to the pavilion that hosts a number of talks open to the public throughout the year. We also found the infamous Memorial White Pine Tree which is said to be over 200 years old.  You can read more about the history of the tree here: www.therocks.org/bretzfelder.

Memorial Tree

The Memorial Tree towers overhead.

looking up

The tree is very tall. Alden fell over backwards right after this photo!

look up

One more look at the tall tree.

Lindsay and Alden bench

Lindsay shows Alden the map.


Lindsay and Alden hanging out on the bench.

We will surely come back to this place to enjoy it throughout the year. A truly wonderful park to visit.  Now we’ve got to get back to unpacking!

6 thoughts on “He Hikes!

  1. I was just thinking about your blog–and here it is! He’s grown, and it’s no surprise that he’s hiking and enjoying the outdoors. I almost went to Bretzfelder the other day but instead went on some of the trails at The Rocks. I enjoy your posts…

  2. This is great Lindsay. Show us the new house! It is so nice to see how you and Andrew are living and enjoying the parenting thing. I miss you at the mountain more than you could ever know. Andrew still holds the record for best manager in my book.

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