Boardwalks and Beaver Dam

A few weeks ago, we decided to take a hike on the Slide Brook Trail which is part of the Cohos Trail.  We wanted to check out a relocated section on the Slide Brook Trail that runs through the southeast corner of Pondicherry National Wildlife Refuge.  When we first checked this trail out a few years ago, it took us a while to actually find the trail off Route 115 as the trails former route was temporarily closed, but now a new sign post invites hikers right onto the trail.  On Route 115 in Jefferson NH, park at the Owl’s Head Trailhead parking lot on the east side of the road.  A trail also leads south up to Owl’s Head and Cherry Mountain, but instead we cross the road and walk north to a woods road down to a mowed meadow.


Trail markers indicate the path down through the fields and into the woods.  Almost immediately into the woods, the boardwalk (puncheons) begin, but then they stop and the trail continues along the top of a beaver dam.  More than 300 feet of this trail are on top of this old beaver dam.  We couldn’t find any active signs of beaver, but an older lodge is visible.





After scampering along the beaver dam for a while, the trail comes back to the ground with many boardwalk crossings.  Andrew and Lindsay talked about how the trail used to skirt around the beaver wetland and we think we found where the old trail meets with the new.  Alden had heard mention of water before we left home, so Andrew carried along his plastic boat on the walk but it wasn’t put to use.



The trail eventually leads under a power line and then to the Presidential Range Recreation Trail (rail trail).  We turned left and enjoyed the view of a wetland from the Giant Trestle where we ran into two groups of people also enjoying the bright sunny day.  We walked a little further on the Rail Trail toward Cherry Pond, but turned around when Alden seemed to be ready to head home after inspecting numerous puddles.



Alden got a hold of Lindsay’s camera and took about 100 photos.  These 4 above are among the few that captured more than his fingers!  We retraced our steps back home, where Alden fell asleep just 10 minutes from the car.  Another great hike to add to our list of adventures.



3 thoughts on “Boardwalks and Beaver Dam

  1. Alden’s first attempt at selphie lol.
    I’ve never done that hike. Will have to give it a try. Cool Batman hat Alden.

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