Lunch with a View

A few days ago Lindsay and Alden headed out for an adventure in Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge.  We parked at the small lot on Airport Road (Hazen Road) off Route 115 in Twin Mountain, NH. We’ve been here before many times and blogged about our walk a couple of years ago: Mosquito Walk.  There were several other cars in the lot on this beautiful week day morning.



Kiosk in the parking lot.




All packed up: Alden in the Ergobaby Carrier carried in front, backpack on Lindsay’s back, with the all important critter net. 


Alden enjoyed jumping over the few puddles along the start of the flat rail trail that takes you 1.6 miles to Cherry Pond.  Soon Lindsay was carrying Alden in her Ergobaby Carrier telling stories and singing songs to keep Alden entertained.  When we reached the train tracks, Alden was excited to walk along them and explore.

We walked along the Shore Path which hugs Cherry Pond and found a nice lunch spot with a view.  Off in the distance there were dark clouds and a few rumbles of thunder.  After lunch we found a place where Alden could get his feet wet and look for critters in the water.


On the Shore Path with Cherry Pond in the background.



Our lunch spot sitting on the Aldo Leopold bench.



Searching for critters in the water.


We stopped at the observation deck to check out the view of Cherry Pond.  The dark clouds seemed to be getting closer so we started to make our way back to the car.  We took our time though and caught butterflies, watched ants, and then had the awesome luck to watch 2 bear cubs play (with Mama bear just out of sight in the woods).






Lots of spring azures flying this time of year for this budding lepidopterist! 



Making tracks for the ants.


We came home with one or two black fly bites and a few good memories.  Happy Spring!

3 thoughts on “Lunch with a View

  1. That’s one of my favorite place! Looks like you had a fun hike. Lucky you to have seen the bear cubs!!

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