Porcupine Ski

This morning we woke up to gently falling snow and cross-country skiing sounded like a great idea. Lindsay was anxious to get out so she suited up and headed out first to check the conditions.

The fresh powder made the sliding easy but the temperature was 35 F so there was a little stickiness to the snow. Lindsay had to double back for a scraper before heading far into the woods. She skied a few trails and ventured further into the property until she spied the cute waddling snow prints of a porcupine! Her eyes quickly followed the tracks to the base of a hemlock tree where the good size porcupine sat.

His quills started to raise up and he turned his back toward Lindsay. But before long he relaxed his quills and continued chewing his meal of hemlock branch.

Lindsay continued on her way and made a loop back toward the house, excited to tell Andrew and Alden about her discovery. This was likely the same porcupine they found in an apple tree in their yard this past fall.

After a super quick lesson about skiing (Alden’s first time this winter) the three of us headed back into the woods.

We stopped for only a brief moment to see the porcupine, now balancing perfectly on a hemlock branch, and we continued into the woods.

We feel lucky that we have a little patch of land just outside our back door where we can cross-country ski, breath in the fresh air, and occassionally run into critters.

Thanks for reading!

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