Shore Things

We went to the Maine coast this weekend to visit with family and got in a few short walks along the beach in Surry and in Acadia National Park.  A lot of times when we head over there it’s winter or early spring when the tourist season has yet to begin.  While some of the park loop roads are closed, Acadia is still wonderful to visit in the winter.  We’ve cross country skied and hiked to some very beautiful spots.  This time, however, its Labor Day weekend and visitors and second homers were enjoying the unofficial last weekend of summer.

We found a crab!

We went to the Surry Beach and searched for crabs one evening just before dinner, then the next day we went to the Carter Nature Preserve and walked part of the trail to the beach and searched for crabs.  Do you see a theme for the weekend?  We did find lots of other things too, like tiny star fish, other small macro-invertebrates, and birds.

Coastal hiking trails in Maine.