Georgiana Falls

We are a little behind with getting this blog post out, but we were busy with holidays and just life in general.  However, we really wanted to blog about this outdoor adventure because Andrew and Lindsay got a day away to get out on our own (without a 2 year old in tow).  Since we did not have to worry about trying to carry Alden in a backpack carrier or think about his comfort level, we wanted to pick something that we couldn’t do with him.  We chose to check out Georgiana Falls in Lincoln, NH.  As most of you will remember, December of 2015 was nearly snow-less and warm, as you’ll see from the photos and videos below.


Andrew checks out the snowmobile trail that leads up to Bog Pond (above Georgiana Falls).


Walking under Route 93.

We were the only cars in the parking area, which can be found within a residential neighborhood on Hanson Farm Road, off Route 3.  The first mile of the trail is easy and the path is well packed and marked.  We suspect that this trail is a popular summer hiking destination by tourists visiting the Lincoln area.  Harvard Brook is impressive throughout this section and even more spectacular when you reach the Lower Georgiana Falls viewpoint.


Harvard Brook is impressive before you even get to the Falls.


Andrew had read that the trail got more rocky and tricky as we hiked to the upper section of the falls.  We decided to follow the red trail markers and quickly found the trail hugged the falls, forcing us to go off trail in order to stay out of the water.  We can only imagine that the trail is completely unpassable during spring snow melt.


The lower portion of Georgiana Falls.



This picture doesn’t really capture how close the water was to the trail.

We reached a point in the trail where the water-crossing seemed way too dangerous. We evaluated our options and thought about whether we should just turn back.  However, adventure was calling our name today and we backtracked a little and bush-wacked off trail to find an easier crossing.

We were glad that we did as we quickly found the trail again and made our way up the the steep trail.  Both of us started dreading the hike back down as we scurried up hill using our hands and momentum to keep us going.  We finally reached the top (or as close to the top as Andrew would venture) to a very loud Georgiana Falls.


Georgiana Falls

We found a spot away from the falls for a quick snack break and then started to make the slow trek back down the trail.  One false step or slip on the leaves would send you into the water, so we were very cautious.

When we made our way to the water-crossing, but instead of crossing and following the red blaze trail back down, we decided to stay on a hill that circles around to the bottom of the Falls.  Andrew chose to take a low path and Lindsay opted for a higher path and they both met back at the bottom of Georgiana Falls.


An interesting tree along the trail.

We hiked back down, enjoying the fresh air and easy walk.  If you ever venture to Lincoln, be sure to stop in at the cafe Half Baked for some yummy breakfast/lunch foods or take-home meals.  We did both!


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