Littleton Views

A couple of weeks ago we headed over to Kilburn Crags in Littleton, NH.  We’ve lived in the area for a few years and this has been on our to-do list and we finally had the perfect day to go.  Parking is on Route 135 on the way from Littleton to Monroe, NH.


The trail runs alongside a house and lawn (please leash your dog through this part) and then quickly heads into the woods at the top end of a large meadow.  The trail looks to be an old woods road or perhaps just wide from lots of people traffic.  We passed a few people heading back down and even stopped to talk with a couple of men who got a kick out of Alden asleep in the backpack carrier.



The sun peaking through the late fall woods.





Lindsay carrying a sleepy Alden.




Andrew heads up the last part of the trail.


Approaching the end of the trail, we descended from the hilltop a short distance to a broad open ledge with a picnic table perched back from the edge.  There is a wonderful view of Littleton, NH and the mountains to the East and Southeast.  The view of Franconia Notch is rather dramatic from this perspective, and a little hint of the Kinsman and Moosilauke mountains rise largely obstructed by forest to the south.  Alden enjoyed watching the big trucks (that looked so little) travel along the roads in the valley down below.



Littleton, NH




Franconia Notch




Alden and Andrew pose for a picture.




There are a couple of benches along the way to stop and rest.


After a few minutes at the view, we returned back along the trail.  The leaves and hiding roots and rocks were a little tricky for a 3 year old, but the trail was wide enough that we could all hold hands and help Alden hike down on his own.


Next time your in the area, or even just passing through, this short hike is a great place to stretch your legs and get a nice view.

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