Rail Trail Walk

A few weekends ago, we decided to get out for a walk on a sunny winter day.  Lindsay knew that convincing Alden to hike far might be tricky so she suggested a walk along one of the snowmobile corridors (Ammonoosuc Rail Trail) in Littleton, NH, with the incentive of a sled ride when his legs got tired.



Ammonoosuc Rail Trail


We parked at the large trail parking lot on Industrial Park Road in Littleton, NH and headed south alongside the Ammonoosuc River.  Andrew noted that this first section seemed to be plowed in addition to being groomed by a snowmobile groomer.  His eagle eye observation was confirmed when we passed under Route 93, where parked construction equipment signaled bridge work.  After this point, the snow was no longer plowed.



Andrew and Alden start walking along the trail.




Alden quickly hitched a ride.


Just after we passed under the highway bridge we heard and saw the groomer coming down the trail.  We stood to the side to watch the small Tucker Sno-cat doing his grooming work.  Both Alden and Andrew were impressed.

Lindsay pointed out where she and the rest of the runners in the Tendor Corp 5K run came into the trail last summer, recounting her too fast start time and the blistering August heat.  Today however, the weather was much colder, but the bright sunshine warmed our faces.  Several groups of snowmobilers passed us, respectfully slowing down when they saw us, but leaving their exhaust smell for many minutes afterwards.



Ammonoosuc River


Across the Ammonoosuc River you could see the hustle and bustle of commerce.  Then Andrew spied the groomer coming along the other side of the river.  We watched for a while when Lindsay suggested a snack break.



Andrew and Alden spy the Sno-cat across the river.


We walked off trail a few feet and pulled out a thermos of hot chocolate and some snacks.  We warmed our bellies and then headed back toward the car.



Hot Cocoa


We probably only went a few miles down and back, but it was just enough to stretch our legs and enjoy the outside.  We hope that you are having your own outdoor adventures this winter!



Happy New Year!


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