Fishing on the Fourth

The 4th of July has come and gone and I wanted to share a short fishing excursion that we took. We visited the Robert Durant Natural Area off Couture Road and Route 2 in Jefferson, NH. This property is owned by the NH Fish and Game Department and Lindsay had the pleasure of meeting and working on the land acquisition with Robert Durant a few years ago.

The property is a corner lot in a quiet residential neighborhood with room to park several vehicles, and more along the dirt road. At the other end of the property, Isreal River and Stalbird Brook meet. Our goal was to hang out at this confluence to fish and splash around in the cool waters on this hot day. We followed a trail through the overgrown field to the waters edge, noting lots of bugs and butterflies along the way.

We didn’t catch any fish on a hook, but we had fun trying! Lots of fry in the shallows and dace species darting around. We did see one large brook trout who was quick to get away from us splashing in the water! In the sand bars we found deer tracks, raccoon tracks, and bird tracks. We were surprised to be enjoying this wonderful place by ourselves on this hot holiday. Definitely a great place to spend some time enjoying nature!

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