Gnomes in the Wood

A couple of weeks ago, Andrew read a story in the newspaper about local residents putting gnomes and stick creatures in the ACT managed Cooley-Jericho Community Forest. This was the first we had heard of it and sounded like the perfect Sunday Adventure.

We printed a map and headed over to the parking area off of Trumpet Round Road in Sugar Hill, NH. It also happened to be lupine flowering season and even though most of the lupine festival was canceled (covid-19), there were still plenty of tourists pulled over next to lupine fields with cameras out.

The drive kept going up and up until we reached the high elevation trailhead and were surprised to find only one other vehicle in the large lot. Pretty quiet for a Sunday, we thought. On our way out we did pass a woman and her dog, and a family of 4.

The news article did not describe clearly which direction we should take on the Blue Trail to see the gnomes. Even though the counter clockwise route looked inviting from the kiosk as it started over bare ledges, we opted for clockwise into the woods and up to the view and back.

The trail follows a steep woods road and looked heavily used by mountain bikers. We kept an eye out for gnomes and fairies and just before the view, we spied our first one.

Alden thought they looked creepy, but you could describe them as whimsical. You can decide.

At the first view, we had a quick snack on a broad ledge and then started back down the trail. The entire loop is 3 miles and we hope to do it in entirety someday.

Back at the kiosk we checked out the other entrance to the Blue Trail, wondering where the other promised creatures were hiding. Until next time…

Happy Hiking!

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