Kearsarge Hike

Last weekend Lindsay met up with friends to hike Mount Kearsarge in Wilmot, NH.

We opted for the longer hike to the summit and went to Winslow State Park. On the other side is Rollins State Park where you can drive up most of the mountain and then hike the last 1/2 mile. (Great option for families or groups with varying abilities.)

Even though Andrew was back home with Alden, the Park Ranger at the toll booth had (of course) a nice story to tell about Andrew when he managed Monadnock. Lindsay promised to relay the message back to him as a line of cars started to form behind us. Back in the day, Lindsay also spent a summer working at Winslow State Park and memories came back as they drove up to the parking lot. The lot was almost full and it seemed like we took the last true parking spot.

We decided to take the steeper Winslow Trail up which is about 1 mile and the longer 1.7 mile Barlow Trail down.

The Winslow Trail is steep and rocky but we happily told stories and chatted making the hike pass by quickly. There were lots of people and dogs on the trail – everyone taking advantage of the nice Saturday weather.

The summit of Kearsarge is bare and rocky with plenty of lounging and picknicking spots.

After a snack break we headed down the Barlow Trail – longer but easier on the knees. Before long we popped back out at the parking area excited to get back to Sarah and Frederic’s house to celebrate Sugaree’s 3rd birthday!

Thanks for a fun hike Kristen, Sarah, and Frederic!

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