Pico Peak – Girls Weekend

Last weekend, Lindsay and friends had a girls weekend in the Killington area of Vermont.

Lindsay met up with Sarah, Kristen, and Jamie on Saturday morning for a hike up Pico Peak. Sarah set a good pace up the Shelburne Pass to the summit of Pico. We only saw a couple of people on this trail and enjoyed chatting away with one another. Before long we were taking a snack break next to the chair lift and enjoying the view.

To make a loop, we continued hiking on the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail back down to Route 4. There were many more groups of people heading up the trail from the LT/AT trail. At the Churchill Scott Shelter we stopped for lunch and then continued on our way. As we descended the air became thicker and hotter and we were glad that we had started our hike early in the morning.

We popped out on Route 4 about a mile from the original trail head, but we had come prepared with a car at this trailhead too. The entire loop was about 7 miles.

We camped at Gifford Woods State Park that night and enjoyed each others’ company – one of the few in-person meet ups we’ve had all summer (because of Covid-19). Let’s make this a regular thing, ladies!

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